The Most Procrastinating of Procrastinaters (poshgurl1) wrote in survivorafrica,
The Most Procrastinating of Procrastinaters

US$1 million

I�m soooooooooooo happy.I�m sure �freaked� will feel the same,would ya?I do like Lex too ,u know.During the show,this is what happened to me.

~My stomach was turning flip-flops
~I was so giddy all the time
~I can�t speak properly
~I was shaking
~I was stammering my words out
~I was chanting �Ethan will win�
~I can�t stay still in one place

When the third vote was Ethan�s and when Jeff said �the winner for Survivor 3 is.....�I knew it was going to be Ethan.How was Kim able to beat Ethan,she only had 2 votes.After Jeff turned around the fourth slip of paper,I was jumping around the place and shouting whoo-hoo!Yes!yes!yes!Luckily nobody heard me,they were too fast asleep anyway.After that,I was grinning like mad.When the tribal council suddenly changed to a stage,I couldn�t believe my eyes.They looked exactly the same like in Africa.Ethan was jumping and shouting like mad when he was declared the winner.Good job,Ethan.During the reunion i noted down some stuff that I wanna post into my journal.
~Lindsey really looks like Britney Spears,don�t ya think so?
~Jessi looks like Jenniffer Lopez except that she�s darker
~Diane looks like she�s a wanna-be-hip,everything she wore was so un-co-ordinated
~Silas hair was longer
~Kelly looked really pretty
~I�m gonna buy Lex and his band album
~Frank was the same old him
~Clarence shirt is so funny
~Brandon is more idiotic than ever
~Kim J answered the question REALLY long,that makes me feel so irritated
~Kim Powers hair in her audition clip was cool
~I found out that Carl was actually a dentist not a doctor

There�s this one really funny part when Ethan answered Brandon�s question �Who is the person you least want to see sitting on your place right now?�Ethan just answered simply �You� and Brandon looked kinda taken aback but he recovered and said OK and Kim aswered Tom and a whole lot of reason even though the question stated that there�s no need to answer why,though.I certainly agree with Ethan.I hate to see Brandon as the last two.He irritates me.If I was to choose the final two,I�ll certainly choose between these ppl-Kelly Goldsmith,Ethan Zohn(of course),Kim Powers,Clarence Black and Lex Van Der Bergh.I surely don�t wanna see Brandon,Tom or Diane as the last two.They�re so freaking annoying.I saw Ethan�s sis and she looks exactly NOT like Ethan.His sis is pretty and so does Ethan.I wonder how he�ll look like without his locks?Haha.Very funny joke.I really like Kelly even though she�s so SORORITY kinda girl.Kim ain�t too bad,anyone but Kim J.Even though she�s nice and all that,I don�t really like her in any way.Another thing,Lex said in the reunion that his band album is out in the stores.I really wanna buy it.But i dunno what�s his band name?Does any of u know,if so plz tell me.PLZ.I�m still a Lex fan even though I like Ethan.But anyway,enough of this crap talk,I just wanna say another thing,
ps:usually i don't bother to post in here even though i'm a member but this is wonderful,i just have to post it!
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