"meeko" Pamela =) (meekorouse) wrote in survivorafrica,
"meeko" Pamela =)

survivor 4..

I don't know if anyone is interrested.. there may be major spoilers.. but I found an interresting link for the next season of survivor.. the articles go in decending order from most recent to earlier as you scroll down...

Survivor Fever

The writing isn't that great but given it's full of hints, rumors, and speculation.. (and spoilers) it still makes for a nice little read.. (assuming you are ready for the next one...)

I didn't realize how soon the next season was! I kind of feel burnt out after the last one.. Very happy it ended the way I wanted (but didn't appreciate what some of the jury had to say when voting.. made me almost wish Kim J. HAD won.. oh well!) .. I just don't like mean & nasty people.. my problem, I guess. =) But also I thought maybe I'd get a break so I'd actually miss Survivor.. I was totally looking forward to Survivor 2 after the first season... and now I just feel like I've had too much cherry cheesecake.. (I love cheesecake but it's sweet and filling.. and after a couple pieces ya just gotta stop for a bit.. )
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