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Who should win?

Everyone here is comparing people and stating which of the final four they would vote out when it comes down to the final two. But that's not the question they are posed at the end. The question is actually "Who played the game best?"

Out of the final four, who played the game best?

My answer *grits teeth* is Lex. Anyone care to comment?
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I felt that way when I watched the first Survivor. I was behind Richard 100% because he was the only one who came in with a clear plan and executed according to it the entire way.

The second Surivor .. don't make me go there. Touchy feely human goodness crap.

This time ... I don't think Lex has played the game best. I think it's close, yes, but I don't think he's played best.

Reasons being -- I don't think he's placed due consideration on the importance of the jury. I don't think you have to be everyone's best friend, but you should certainly give people some reason to vote for you. Also, just pulling a Kelly Wiglesworth on the challenges at the end doesn't make you a better player. Arguably, a better player would be concerned about image and not win as many of the challenges.

I think Ethan has played the game best so far. He also hasn't threatened to slit anyone's throat, a bonus as far as I'm concerned.
I totally agree, the throat slicing thing is really pushing it. ':-\
I agree what you said about Lex winning too many challenges and thus increasing the envy quota amongst his fellow players. While it's important to win immunity challenges, it's not necessary to win *all* reward challenges other than pride and competitiveness. Perhaps the best strategic plan is to not win all reward challenges, give the others a chance, and thus not let jealously get into play when it comes down to the jury.

I can see Lex making it to the final two but I can't see the jury picking him as the winner. He's antagonized almost most of them and made his previous allies jealous of his winnings.
Yeah! It's about time someone realized that he has had this game in the bag since day 1!
His playing strategies are *perfect*.


January 4 2002, 22:36:51 UTC 15 years ago

I think the Kin Johnson and Ethan are gonna make it to the end. I hope Lex doesnt win, he doesnt deserve the money(ask Kelly) HEHE :0) I hope Lex doesnt keep winning immunity. They should vote him off as soon as possible! ~jdwt
My pick to be the final two? Ethan and Tom. I don't think either of them will cross the other and i see Ethan making an immunity run to the final two, with Kim sandbagging ethan, voting for Tom and being the swing vote to win him the million.

A virginia goat farmer winning the million? I wouldnt bet against him.

Of course, after week 1 I picked Silas to win the thing. So you never know.

I still dislike tattoo boy as intensely as i have all season.
Personally, I think Ethan's played it the best. He should have been voted off long ago--he's a physical threat in the challenges as well as a threat in the final two since he hasn't made enemies--but he hasn't been because of how he's played. He's likeable but not too much so to draw glaring attention to it; he's competitive without being overbearing about it. People look over him because he's even-tempered and fair; their attention diverts to the more apparent threats. Yet, if he makes it to the final two, who on the jury has he alienated in any way?

Lex might be doing well now but he went too balls out to really expect to contend in the final two. He focused too much on the short-range without giving enough consideration to the long-range.
I admit that Lex has played a hard game. However, as for who I think has played the best game? Ethan. He got into the Final Four without even one vote against him. I also think Tom has done well, by playing both sides -- though that will come back to bite him on the ass if he does not win Immunity tonight.