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Something smells

Lex has been winning challenges because he's getting fed more regularly than the others. This happened the last two seasons. Kelly and Colby kept winning partly because they kept getting fed after winning, which made it easier for them to win the next time. The producers finally wised up and didn't feed Lex after he won the reward challenge. We'll see if it makes a difference.

This seemed to be an odor filled episode. Thankfully smell-o-vision hasn't caught on yet. We have Kim J. bathing in Elephant Dung water and Big Tom's feet developing cultures in his boots that may soon develop language skills and industrialization. Lex was smelling a rat, but as always, his gut has shit for brains.

We also saw Kim J and Teresa lying to Lex in order to get Tom off. Kim J had her chance at winning if she would have sided with Kim P. and Teresa to get Lex off the previous episode. She would have lasted at least into the final 3 this way. Now Kim J can't win and will almost certainly be the next to go. She can't seem to win immunity challenges and she isn't as tight in the alliance as the others so she's as good as gone.

So who will win? Even if Lex makes the final two, who would vote for him over either Tom or Ethan? He won't get a vote from Kelly, Frank, Kim P. or Kim J. most likely over Tom or Ethan, so it looks like he'll have to make the walk of shame. Ethan and Tom would most likely vote for each other if one of them doesn't make the final two. Kelly is especially pissed at him and will probably try to "shamelessly" influence the others not to vote for him.

It looks like Tom or Ethan will win. We'll have to wait and see.
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