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Fanlisting [27 Mar 2005|05:59pm]

Hey, guys! I'm fairly new to Livejournal, and so far I'm only a member of this community and the one for Lex! Anyways, I own the fanlisting for Survivor Africa, so I thought I'd post the link here incase you want to join!!! It definitely needs more members, which is sad 'cause it was such an awesome season!

The URL is http://s3.fan-cythis.com.

I also own the fanlistings for Lex and Ethan, if you'd like to join those. :-)
Lex: http://lex.fan-cythis.com
Ethan: http://ethan.fan-cythis.com

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icon challenge [27 Sep 2004|10:41pm]


hi everyone! please come+join the icon challenge community, icon_challenge_! this weeks challenge is reality tv shows. you may submit up to 3 icons to be voted on later in the week.

so please join, create, submit+if you’re lucky, win!

*** PS - if the mods of this community are objectional to advertisin- sowwie! i didnt see nething in the community userinfo that said no advertisin other communities.

[x-posted everywhere!]
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survivor thailand??? [22 Sep 2002|11:57pm]

is there a community yet?

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Survivor 4 community [18 Mar 2002|04:55pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I just created a Survivor 4 community.Here's the link to it --> http://www.livejournal.com/community/survivor4

Hope you guys will join it!Bye!


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Survivor:Marquesas [22 Feb 2002|12:11pm]
Hey guys! Are there any communities for Survivor 4 yet? If so, I wanna join one!!!!
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Survivor Africa Screw Up [21 Feb 2002|06:06am]

Survivor Screw-Up Costs CBS $200G
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[18 Jan 2002|10:51am]

[ mood | amused ]

Hey! So I taped the Survivor: Back from Africa thing last night. I'm watching it right now. How amused am I that Tom named his goats after the people on the show! I loved when he went "Where's that old goat Kim Johnson?" LOL! Oh how I will miss you Africa Survivors and Big Tom!!

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Brandon fan here! [12 Jan 2002|04:51pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Hi everyone! I am new to this group (better late then never!), and thought I would kinda say hi, and also give everyone the link to my Yahoo! group. I just created it last night, and I am the only member. It is a group for Brandon fans...


If you are a Brandon fan, please check it out. I'm not too sure what I am gonna do with it, maybe after there are some members we can decide.


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survivor 4.. [12 Jan 2002|12:04am]

I don't know if anyone is interrested.. there may be major spoilers.. but I found an interresting link for the next season of survivor.. the articles go in decending order from most recent to earlier as you scroll down...

Survivor Fever

The writing isn't that great but given it's full of hints, rumors, and speculation.. (and spoilers) it still makes for a nice little read.. (assuming you are ready for the next one...)

I didn't realize how soon the next season was! I kind of feel burnt out after the last one.. Very happy it ended the way I wanted (but didn't appreciate what some of the jury had to say when voting.. made me almost wish Kim J. HAD won.. oh well!) .. I just don't like mean & nasty people.. my problem, I guess. =) But also I thought maybe I'd get a break so I'd actually miss Survivor.. I was totally looking forward to Survivor 2 after the first season... and now I just feel like I've had too much cherry cheesecake.. (I love cheesecake but it's sweet and filling.. and after a couple pieces ya just gotta stop for a bit.. )
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US$1 million [12 Jan 2002|02:18pm]

I�m soooooooooooo happy.I�m sure �freaked� will feel the same,would ya?I do like Lex too ,u know.During the show,this is what happened to me.

~My stomach was turning flip-flops
~I was so giddy all the time
~I can�t speak properly
~I was shaking
~I was stammering my words out
~I was chanting �Ethan will win�
~I can�t stay still in one place

When the third vote was Ethan�s and when Jeff said �the winner for Survivor 3 is.....�I knew it was going to be Ethan.How was Kim able to beat Ethan,she only had 2 votes.After Jeff turned around the fourth slip of paper,I was jumping around the place and shouting whoo-hoo!Yes!yes!yes!Luckily nobody heard me,they were too fast asleep anyway.After that,I was grinning like mad.When the tribal council suddenly changed to a stage,I couldn�t believe my eyes.They looked exactly the same like in Africa.Ethan was jumping and shouting like mad when he was declared the winner.Good job,Ethan.During the reunion i noted down some stuff that I wanna post into my journal.
~Lindsey really looks like Britney Spears,don�t ya think so?
~Jessi looks like Jenniffer Lopez except that she�s darker
~Diane looks like she�s a wanna-be-hip,everything she wore was so un-co-ordinated
~Silas hair was longer
~Kelly looked really pretty
~I�m gonna buy Lex and his band album
~Frank was the same old him
~Clarence shirt is so funny
~Brandon is more idiotic than ever
~Kim J answered the question REALLY long,that makes me feel so irritated
~Kim Powers hair in her audition clip was cool
~I found out that Carl was actually a dentist not a doctor

There�s this one really funny part when Ethan answered Brandon�s question �Who is the person you least want to see sitting on your place right now?�Ethan just answered simply �You� and Brandon looked kinda taken aback but he recovered and said OK and Kim aswered Tom and a whole lot of reason even though the question stated that there�s no need to answer why,though.I certainly agree with Ethan.I hate to see Brandon as the last two.He irritates me.If I was to choose the final two,I�ll certainly choose between these ppl-Kelly Goldsmith,Ethan Zohn(of course),Kim Powers,Clarence Black and Lex Van Der Bergh.I surely don�t wanna see Brandon,Tom or Diane as the last two.They�re so freaking annoying.I saw Ethan�s sis and she looks exactly NOT like Ethan.His sis is pretty and so does Ethan.I wonder how he�ll look like without his locks?Haha.Very funny joke.I really like Kelly even though she�s so SORORITY kinda girl.Kim ain�t too bad,anyone but Kim J.Even though she�s nice and all that,I don�t really like her in any way.Another thing,Lex said in the reunion that his band album is out in the stores.I really wanna buy it.But i dunno what�s his band name?Does any of u know,if so plz tell me.PLZ.I�m still a Lex fan even though I like Ethan.But anyway,enough of this crap talk,I just wanna say another thing,
ps:usually i don't bother to post in here even though i'm a member but this is wonderful,i just have to post it!
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Next season of Survivor... [11 Jan 2002|07:05pm]

..debutes on Feb. 28th. Anyone heard any advance buzz on this one, aside from the little bit that they revealed at the end of the Survivor: Africa reunion?
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Wooho! [11 Jan 2002|09:38am]

Ahhhhhhhh...Lex didn't win. The world makes sense again.

Anyway, I'm glad Ethan won. I liked him and I thought he played the game well. I was pleased that Kim J. won the immunities; that threw in a nice, unexpected twist at the end. But, geez, what was with Kelly during the question-answer part? A bit catty and vindictive, huh? I found the whole final tribal council to be uncomfortable. It was like Colleen said the first time around: 'This is just awful.'
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[11 Jan 2002|10:44am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

As far as I'm concerned, Lex IS the sole survivior. He played the game better than anyone out there, he was the smartest, he was the strongest, and had the best attitude in the world.

He won, because he made it to the final three, and all you dumb Lex haters said he wouldn't, and he proved you all wrong!

So Lex won!

GO LEX!!!!!!!!!!

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Whoa [11 Jan 2002|07:38am]

[ mood | okay ]

I had a feeling Ethan would win.

I was very upset when Lex had to go, but at least he
took it well. I still like Lex alot :)

Kelly was a total bitch at that last tribal council. ack!

that`s all. The game is over :(
No more backstabbing,hot days in africa every thursday.

Must wait for the new survivor, BUT I think Survivor Africa
will be my favorite.

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[11 Jan 2002|08:01pm]

how come no one's updating???

hahaha =) i was like ooo sHiT cos i tot kim got it.. but yippeeee de yay or wateveR~ i was rooting for ethan from the start anD for the first time in all 3 survIvaHs someone i liked actually won it.. =) nEwAe leme tell u bt it
*4 ppl LeFt aT fiRst - big tom, lex, ethan and kim
tom n lex got into a heated argument~ *sHisH* so loud okay they all.. go t0m!~ =D haha.. newae erm.. den kim won the challenge.. which was the questionnare abt the peeps in motomaji stuff. akcherli not onli mm. haha. okok nvm. deen. t0mm0 was v0ted out by all 3 of 'em. he voted for lex. *migosh my typin slackin..* okai.. den
3 pEePs LeFt - LeX, eThAn, KiM
they went thru the usual remembering every1 from survivor routine thing.. quite kewt the last part.. hahaha. deen erm.. had immunity..had to place ur hand and feet on the exact pos kinda thing. so ethan struggled.. i think his legs were hurting or sth.. *wAstEd* den cos lex had baaad case of diarrohea the last night.. his stomach started to hurt bad.. den he cudnt take it and his feet sorta slipped n everything.. soo.. stoopid old hag kim won.. den she had to vote on of them out rite.. and i thot it wud be ethan.. cos she kinda close to lex ah. so i was like this is juz fantastic. stoopid kim gonna win. and i was grumblin n everything.. buden she did the old-nice-colby act~!! =D she voted lex out.. nice.. she knEw that if she had voted ethan out instead.. lex cudnt haf won!~ cos every1 hATES lex.. but like colby, she chose the one that ppl kinda liked.. sth lidat~ or maybe she was stoopid enuf to think that ppl liekd lex. hahaha. watever. deen.
fInAl 2 - KiM J & eTaN ZoHn
so they had the usual tribal council where every toks so much.. den um. brandon was like he dissed me at my own question!! lol sth lidat.. cos brand was askin who deserved the least to be in the final 7 jury members.. and ethan was like y0u.. i like him 4 tt! so fRaNk~ soo brandon voted for kim instead~ n den.. um. kelly was like .. whoa~ lol.. she was soo angry!! newae she voted for ethan =D *g0- kEllY* i alwaes liked her.. n ethan and kim powers~ and den.. tom voted for ethan.. he was like : the best man wins and the weakling loses " sth lidat. lol. cos kim was like sort of dissing him n everything.. heh. and u noe wad? ethan won 5-2!~ lol~ onli brandon and kim p voted for kim j~ tom&lex&frank&teresa&kelly voted for ethan~ =D u rock ppl!~ :) deen.. um. lidat ah~ =D o yea tom's question was so cute~ hahaha as usual. some crap..
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my goodness [04 Jan 2002|02:20pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I don`t know why everyone is so mad at Lex.
He is just playing the game well.

I`m quite smitten with Lex.

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Who should win? [04 Jan 2002|04:25pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Everyone here is comparing people and stating which of the final four they would vote out when it comes down to the final two. But that's not the question they are posed at the end. The question is actually "Who played the game best?"

Out of the final four, who played the game best?

My answer *grits teeth* is Lex. Anyone care to comment?

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Something smells [04 Jan 2002|09:58am]

Lex has been winning challenges because he's getting fed more regularly than the others. This happened the last two seasons. Kelly and Colby kept winning partly because they kept getting fed after winning, which made it easier for them to win the next time. The producers finally wised up and didn't feed Lex after he won the reward challenge. We'll see if it makes a difference.

This seemed to be an odor filled episode. Thankfully smell-o-vision hasn't caught on yet. We have Kim J. bathing in Elephant Dung water and Big Tom's feet developing cultures in his boots that may soon develop language skills and industrialization. Lex was smelling a rat, but as always, his gut has shit for brains.

We also saw Kim J and Teresa lying to Lex in order to get Tom off. Kim J had her chance at winning if she would have sided with Kim P. and Teresa to get Lex off the previous episode. She would have lasted at least into the final 3 this way. Now Kim J can't win and will almost certainly be the next to go. She can't seem to win immunity challenges and she isn't as tight in the alliance as the others so she's as good as gone.

So who will win? Even if Lex makes the final two, who would vote for him over either Tom or Ethan? He won't get a vote from Kelly, Frank, Kim P. or Kim J. most likely over Tom or Ethan, so it looks like he'll have to make the walk of shame. Ethan and Tom would most likely vote for each other if one of them doesn't make the final two. Kelly is especially pissed at him and will probably try to "shamelessly" influence the others not to vote for him.

It looks like Tom or Ethan will win. We'll have to wait and see.
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[04 Jan 2002|07:22am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Okay, so who has been saying that Lex was gonna go this week???

'Cause I've been saying that it was gonna be Teresa, I mean, wasn't it OBVIOUS?

Next week, I say Tom goes. The target is on his head.

And Lex my man, he rocked those challenges!!!

And another thing, what was with everyone else being such whiny babies when Lex won the reward?????
They deserved to lose for acting like that! Lex is always happy for whoever wins that challenge, I think they could have been a little nicer about it. That was so rude of them:P

I hope it comes down to Ethan and Lex or Kim and Lex. Big Tom has got to go.

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[04 Jan 2002|12:51am]

[ mood | aggravated ]

I am really wanting lex to lose now.. I used to be for him cause I thought he was cool then he went nuts a couple weeks ago.. and now i am cheering for ethan, though i know he should go.. too likeable too everything... therefore.. and tonight was just typical.. theresa was marked.. that's all i am saying.

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